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Chronic disease management plans

Management Plans for Those with Chronic Medical Conditions

Chronic disease management plans

Chronic disease management plans are the framework within which GPs plan and coordinate care for patients with a chronic or terminal illness.

There is no specific list of conditions that governs who is eligible to access these arrangements. Rather, chronic illness refers to any condition that has persisted or is likely to persist for six months or more, or any terminal illness. Commonly these illnesses include diabetes, heart disease, cancer, asthma, arthritis and stroke.

These plans are available under Medicare.

GP Management Plans

A GP management plan is a plan of action agreed on between you and your GP. It outlines your care needs, lists the services your GP will provide, and outlines actions you can take to manage your condition.

If you have complex, multidisciplinary care needs that require coordination between your GP and other care providers, your GP may also recommend a team care arrangement.

Chronic Medical

Team Care Arrangements

A team care arrangement can help those whose chronic medical conditions require their complex care needs to be coordinated between their GP and other care providers. Team care arrangements are intended for patients with chronic or terminal illnesses who receive care from a GP and from at least two other care providers providing different kinds of care.

Team care arrangements require the care providers to collaborate. Let your Blackburn GP know if there are aspects of your care that you do not want them to discuss with your other care providers.

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